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The Troll from the Hole

Age: 7+

When a young girl befriends a troll, she is disgusted by his strange habits and manners – like loudly burping or scratching his bum with a fork – and tries to teach him to behave in a more ‘human’ manner. But when she visits his home, the troll city underground, she discovers that the trolls have their own way of doing things, and learns the importance of accepting and celebrating difference.

This is a humorous and breathtakingly inventive tale from the gifted Jonathan Standing, winner of the 2020 English 4-11 Picture Book Award (Fiction 7-11 category) for his debut picture book, Through The Wall.

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  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins

    Tim Collins writes non-fiction books for adults and children’s fiction books, including books designed to appeal to reluctant readers. His work has been translated into forty languages. He has won awards such as the Manchester Fiction City.

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