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About Us

Starting out

In January 1989, illustrator David Salariya founded the Salariya Book Company. At that time the business had only two staff: David and Shirley Salariya, with their house in Brighton being the ‘office’.

Over thirty years later…

After more than thirty years of creating, designing and publishing compelling, highly-illustrated and commercially successful books to entertain, inspire and promote literacy, we now have a backlist of over five hundred titles. We are still a small family business, publishing an average of 50 new books a year. 


As a fiercely independent publishing business, we depend on the passion and creativity of our work colleagues, illustrators, authors and expert consultants. As you can imagine, it is far from easy to run a small family business in a publishing world that is dominated by global corporations. We need to be super-imaginative, nimble with ideas and supportive in our relationships. What we have achieved shows the potential of an independent business to succeed.


To date in the UK, The Salariya Book Company has published its books under three imprints: Book House, Scribblers and Scribo. We have started to phase out the imprints and in 2021 we plan to publish all titles under the Salariya name.

Design and production

We design and publish child-focused and adult-friendly children’s books that explore ideas and nurture curiosity, ranging from high-contrast board books for babies to early learning and picture books for preschoolers, which encourage reading for pleasure. We also publish information, fiction, art instruction and graphic novel titles for children aged 0 -12 yrs, and a range of art and information books for readers of all ages from 8 to 80 years, so it is a list with huge variety! We strive to meet the needs of our readers or emerging readers. Our books often have endpapers, dust jackets and ex-libris, and celebrate the tactile qualities of the physical book.


We have published titles in partnership with Historic Royal Palaces, The Tank Museum and The Mary Rose Trust. We also run an annual picture book competition with The Stratford Literary Festival, seeking to give a voice to undiscovered talent, new styles and diverse voices.

Global markets and sales

We have a strong understanding of global markets. Many of our books have won prizes and have been translated into over thirty languages, and we are proud to count many international publishing houses as our licensing partners. Our UK sales team is Saltway, and in the USA our distribution is by Sterling.

Our ethos

At the core of what we do is our undertaking to create books in print and digital formats that encourage children to learn to read and love to read by making information easily accessible and making picture books fun.

We are grateful to and thank all our authors and artists who have made our books possible. We thank all the booksellers, online retailers, librarians, teachers and publishers globally who have supported us and our books over more than thirty years.

The Salariya team is proud to make brilliant books for brilliant children.

We are a member of the Independent Publishers Guild and the Publishers Association.

Timeline of milestones and awards

1989 The Salariya Book Co founded  09-01-1989. Editorial packager: Simon & Schuster, Macdonald Young Books, Franklin Watts and Macmillan are UK clients.

1990 Inside Story Egyptian Pyramid, by Jacqueline Morley, illustrated by John James & Mark Bergin wins the Times Educational Supplement Award for Senior Information Book of the Year. 

1992 The X-ray Picture Book of Your Body, created and designed by David Salariya, is winner of the non-fiction category of the BBD & PA (British Book Design & Production Awards).

1993 25 Marlborough Place Brighton purchased; building is named ‘Book House’.

1995 Keeping Clean (A Very Peculiar History) by Fiona Macdonald is joint winner with Dorling Kindersley of the Times Educational Supplement Award for Senior Information Book of the Year.

1996 How Would You Survive?  CD-ROM, Franklin Watts (USA).

1999 The Salariya Book Company starts to print books and sell international rights. USA clients include: Franklin Watts, Scholastic and National Geographic. 

2000 Fast Forward: Rainforest, by Kathryn Senior & Carolyn Scrace wins The Times Educational Supplement Award for Senior Information Book of the Year 2000.

2000 First Title in the ‘You Wouldn’t Want To Be…’ series, mostly illustrated by David Antram, published by Franklin Watts in the USA 13-10-2000.

2002 Book House Imprint publishes first titles in the UK 01-05-02.

2007 English 4-11 Awards for the Best Children’s Books Runner-up :  WOW Rainforest by Carolyn Franklin, 15-03-07.

2008 The Scribblers imprint is launched in 2008 as a division of Book House dedicated to the creation and publication of books for babies and toddlers.

2009 The Scribo imprint launched in 2009 publishing fiction for 8+ and YA.

2009 All About Me by David Salariya. The US edition of All About Me: A Baby’s Guide to Babies published by Random House, named one of the CCBC’s (Cooperative Children’s Book Centre) choices 2009.

2009 English 4 -11 Runner-up. Best Children’s Illustrated Book Awards The Secret Journal of Victor Frankenstein: On the Workings of the Human Body by David Stewart (David Salariya)

2009 Runner up, Independent Publishers Guild. Best Children’s Illustrated Book Awards Children’s Publisher of the Year: The Salariya Book Company.

2010 Scotland, A Very Peculiar History by Fiona Macdonald is performed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

2010 Publish first books with Augmented Reality: Lola & Monty and Tyrone the Clean ‘o’ Saurus (Book, Webcam, Action! Augmented Reality Book). Written by David Salariya, illustrated by Carolyn Scrace.

2010 Independent Publishers Guild, Children’s Publisher of the Year: The Salariya Book Company.

2011 Frankenstein and Dracula graphic novels published as apps with sounds.

2011 Gorilla Journal by Carolyn Franklin (Book House) is runner up for the ALCS Information Writers Award.

2012 USA Distribution of books starts with Sterling, New York.

2013 The Danger Zone: Avoid Working on a Medieval Cathedral! Fiona Macdonald and David Antram (Book House) is runner up for the ALCS Information Writers Award.

2014 The Danger Zone: Avoid Being Sir Isaac Newton! Ian Graham and illustrator David Antram (Book House) is runner up for the ALCS Information Writers Award.

2015 The Dad with 10 Children by Bénédicte Guettier: shortlisted, 2015 Junior Design Awards.

2015 You Wouldn’t Want To live Without Antibiotics! written by Anne Rooney and illustrated by David Antram: shortlisted, 2015 Junior Design Awards.

2016 You Wouldn’t Want to be in the Great Fire of London! stage show at the Edinburgh Festival.

2017 Stratford-Salariya Picture Book Prize launched – prize of £1000 and the opportunity to be published by Salariya imprint, Scribblers.

2019 You Wouldn’t Want To Be an Ancient Egyptian Mummy! (Stage Show)

2020 You Wouldn’t Want To Sail on the Mary Rose! written by Fiona Macdonald, illustrated by David Antram (in partnership with the Mary Rose Trust) 

2020 Through The Wall by Jonathan Standing – winner of the 2020 English 4-11 Picture Book Awards (7-11 category)

2021 The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Samurai! written by Tim Collins and illustrated by Isobel Lundie: shortlisted for 2020-2021 Spark! School Book Awards (7-9 Fiction category).

2021  The separate imprints will be phased out and books published from January 2022 will have the new Salariya logo.

2021 Winner – SME National Business Awards 2021 ‘Children’s Publisher of the Year’ award.

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