Bath, A Very Peculiar History coming February 2019

Santa and his gift-laden sleigh might not have arrived yet, but we’re already looking ahead to all of the goodies we’ll be delivering to bookshops early next year. The Book House imprint of the Salariya Book Company has two new titles in its celebrated, bestselling Very Peculiar History series coming out in February 2019: Bath and Scottish Women.

Bath, A Very Peculiar History explores the history, architecture and cultural life of Bath, one of Britain’s most beautiful cities.

Covering everything from its origins as a Roman town, when the famed spring baths were first constructed, through the Georgian period when it gained many of its iconic buildings, to its status today as a hugely-popular tourist attraction, this is an enthralling and fast-paced account of Bath in all its myriad glories.

Bath is written by David Arscott, former newspaper journalist and BBC presenter, founder of the Sussex Book Club and author of books for children and adults.

It features a cover illustration by David Lyttleton, the artist behind The Times’ Kings and Queens of England wall chart and Royal Map of Britain poster, lots of fast-paced and fascinating information, and a timeline.

Bath is a hardback title, priced £7.99 and 192 pages long. 

Very Peculiar History is a series created and designed by David Salariya to look and feel like fine editions from a much-loved library of forgotten books. A curiositorium of quirky, odd and interesting information from our peculiar past. It extends to more than 50 titles, covering subjects as diverse as cities, historical figures, whisky and gardening for readers aged 8 to 80!

You can purchase it on Amazon and at all other good online retailers and physical bookshops.