Billy and the Balloons - A Magical Escape!

There are times in life when we all need a little magic; an escape from the outside world. 

Christmas for many this year will be just that and the thought that Father Christmas may soon be whizzing down the chimney, brings magic to children all around the world. 

After all, there’s just 67 days to go!

Get ready for Christmas and join Billy as he is whisked away on a magical and chaotic adventure. One of runaway balloons, flying children, escaping animals, a troubled Father Christmas, and a few too many mince pies.


“When everyone noticed that just tiny Billy

Held all the balloons they were really scared SILLY!

‘Oh Billy, hold tight to the strings!’ they all cried,

So Billy held tight for a magical ride!”


Careful, this article may contain spoilers! 

Stop reading if you don’t want to reveal the magic.


Why is ‘Billy and the Balloons’ so magical?

On a cold and wintery evening, there is no place you’d rather be than cosy and warm at home. There has, and always will be, something special about Christmas stories and the magic of Father Christmas. 

As Christmas Eve arrives, children all across the world are never more keen for sleep to come, eagerly waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. Many try to catch a glimpse, fighting sleep to see the magic for themselves.

One lucky boy has met Father Christmas and has even helped him deliver presents to all the boys and girls - Billy! 

He didn’t just meet him though, after one too many mince pies Father Christmas is too heavy for his reindeers and to avoid the possibility of Christmas being cancelled, he enlists Billy to help. If only that could have happened to us when we were little!

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It’s the Christmas book that truly keeps on giving!

The story would be fairly magical if it were just Billy and his Dad flying across the snow covered ground. Add to that an unsuspecting cow, a confused farmer, a monkey, or two and eight flying reindeer, you really can’t be leaving this book on the shelf.

christmas book, father christmas, picture book, billy and the balloons


Growing up, children aspire to be anything they dream of. Astronauts or acrobats, secret agents or superstars; I can think of no better job than being Father Christmas’s assistant, even if just for one night.

The beautiful story by Elizabeth Dale is combined together with equally stunning illustrations by Patrick Corrigan. A fold-out page shows the story from a new perspective which is sure to delight children as they work their way through the book. 

The additional message, which reassures Billy that he is perfect just the way he is, will be a comfort to everyone. Billy once thought it was not a good thing to be as small as he was, but in actual fact - 

‘It was BRILLIANT to be tiny!’ 


What are you waiting for?

A magical adventure is waiting, and maybe, just maybe, Father Christmas will need another assistant this year. Will it be you?

Billy and the Balloons was written by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Patrick Corrigan, you can purchase your own copy here!

christmas book, picture book, billy and the balloons, father christmas


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