Children's Picture Book Christmas Wish List + 30% OFF SALE

Whether you're an early bird or a last-minute llama, we wanted to take away the stress of finding that perfect Christmas present for the children in your lives. Whether you make a note for Father Christmas or save it for yourself, this 'Children's Picture Book Christmas Wishlist' will hopefully help you feel a little calmer in the run up to the big day!

These picture books are some of team Salariya's favourites and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on them!

If this wishlist wasn't enough inspiration for you, all books on this list are 30% off the normal price! Shop our Christmas titles HERE!

1. The Bear Who Didn't Want To Miss Christmas (3+)

(Sale Offer: £4.89 / RRP: £6.99)

'In Four Seasons Woods, all of the animals are getting excited about Christmas. All except Little Bear, who has to hibernate and miss the celebrations. So the other animals create a plan to help their friend celebrate a very merry Almost Christmas instead!'

A heartwarming bedtime story that will charm and delight. Written by Marie Tibi and illustrated by Fabien Öckto Lambert.

Product Details: Paperback, 40 pages, 265 x 260mm. BUY HERE!


2. Who's That Present For? (3+)

(Sale Offer: £4.19 / RRP: £5.99)

'Enter the Christmas elve's workshop and see the wonderful gifts inside.'

This humorous and interactive lift-the-flap book tells the rhyming story of the different presents that a family receive on Christmas Day, children can lift the flaps to discover new text and hidden images. Written by Nick Pierce and illustrated by Carolyn Scrace.

Product Details: Board book, 14 pages, 175 x 175mm. BUY HERE!


3. Who's That Hiding In The Chimney? (3+)

(Sale Offer: £4.19 / RRP: £5.99)

'Enter Santa's grotto and discover the magic inside. Now it's Christmas Eve, The most exciting night of the year. Who's that hiding in the chimney? Yes, Santa Claus is here!'

This humorous and interactive lift-the-flap book tells the rhyming story of the magical events at Santa's workshop in the countdown to Christmas Eve, children can lift the flaps to discover new text and hidden images. Written by Nick Pierce and illustrated by Isobel Lundie.

Product Details: Board book, 14 pages, 175 x 175mm. BUY HERE!


4. Luna and the Moon Rabbit (3+)

(Sale Offer: £5.59 / RRP: £7.99)

'Inspired by Asian folklore, this is the magical tale of a young girl called Luna who befriends the giant rabbit who lives in the Moon and goes with it on a soothing, dreamlike adventure.'

Winner of the Stratford - Salariya Picture Book Prize, One of the Air & Space / Smithsonian Magazine's Best Children's Books for 2018. Perfect for bedtime reading. Written and illustrated by Camille Whitcher.

Product Details: Paperback, 32 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!


5. Mine! (3+)

(Sale Offer: £7.69 / RRP: £10.99)

'A humorous story about a girl who treats her beloved pet rabbit like a toy, until she experiences a vivid dream where their roles are reversed and the girl is now the pet of her giant bunny!'

This enlightening and entertaining tale, told with charming illustrations, teaches children about the importance of treating animals with respect. Written and illustrated by Yang Dong.

Product Details: Hardback, 32 pages, 265 x 260mm. BUY HERE!


6. Oh No! Look What The Cat Dragged In! (3+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

'Grandma's acting worried, and looking very grim. She never knows each morning, just what the cat's dragged in! In this hilarious, lighthearted story book by award-winning author Joy H. Davidson, a week at Grandma's house descends into chaos as the cat brings a series of increasingly horrible creatures home each night.'

Written by Joy H. Davidson and illustrated by Jenny Cooper.

Product Details: Hardback, 40 pages, 265 x 260mm. BUY HERE!


7. The Remarkable Pigeon (3+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

'One day a pigeon visits the zoo. It is in awe of all the exotic birds around it and starts to feel rather inadequate. But then it makes a beautiful discovery about itself!'

Written and illustrated by Dorien Brouwers.

Product Details: Hardback, 40 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!


8. The Lost Star (3+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

'All the woodland animals try to help Dormouse get his new friend Star back to her home in the night sky. Can they save Star or will she be stuck in the woods forever?'

A magical bedtime story that will enchant young readers. Written by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz and illustrated by Marcin Minor. 

Product Details: Hardback, 40 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!


9. The Street Cat Gang (3+)

(Sale Offer: £7.69 / RRP: £10.99)

'When a gang of street cats become trapped, it is up to a tiny kitten to save them and prove he deserves to join their crew.'

This is a heartwarming and humorous story about how each of us has something important to contribute, no matter our size! Written by Catherine Metzmeyer and illustrated by Grégoire Mabire.

Product Details: Hardback, 32 pages, 275 x 243mm. BUY HERE!


10. Tooth Monsters (3+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

'Even monsters brush their teeth! You don't believe me? Open this book and discover what happens to a little girl who refuses to brush her teeth. Be prepared... You could encounter some terrifying monsters!'

Written by Jessica Martinello and illustrated by Grégoire Mabire.

Product Details: Hardback, 32 pages, 275 x 225mm. BUY HERE!


11. Boom! Boom! Boom! (3+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

'Pin your ears back, Hear it thumping, Soon the sound, Will have you jumping!'

This singalong storybook about two gorillas and their human chums dancing through the jungle and into the city, is bouncing with fun and unstoppable rhythm. Written by Prezemyslaw Wechterowicz and illustrated by Marianna Oklejack.

Product Details: Hardback, 32 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!


12. The Dad with 10 Children: An Away Day (3+)

(Sale Offer: £7.69 / RRP: £10.99)

‘Every day, the dad who had 10 children counted 10 little t-shirts, 10 cups on the table, 10 bowls of spaghetti and 10 goodnight kisses - until one day he finally needed a rest! Leaving his 10 children with Grandma, he set off on an “away day” from counting. But after just 1 peaceful day and 1 quiet night, he discovers that something is definitely missing!’

This is the first of two books in ‘The Dad with 10 Children’ series, the second is also available ‘A Day at the Museum’. Written and illustrated by Bénédicte Guettier.

Product Details: Hardback, 42 pages, 312 x 238mm. BUY HERE!


13. Jolly Snow (5+)

(Sale Offer: £4.89 / RRP: £6.99)

‘Jolly Tall discovers the magic of snow! Jolly Tall can’t wait to see snowflakes for the very first time, but as it’s not chilly enough outside for real snow, Old Bear and his friends decide to show Jolly the magic of a white winter with indoor snow!’

Another enchanting winter tale in the Old Bear series. Written and illustrated by Jane Hissey.

Product Details: Paperback, 32 pages, 264 x 214mm. BUY HERE!


14. Odd Dog (5+)

(Sale Offer: £8.39 / RRP: £11.99)

‘Mr Rogers has bought a new dog called Barney. He’s got tiny feet, a long snout, and a greenish hue. Yes, Barney is certainly an odd dog. But is he even really a dog at all?’

This hilarious picture book will have readers young and old laughing again and again. Written and illustrated by Fabien Öckto Lambert.

Product Details: Hardback, 40 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!


15. Puss In Boots (5+)

(Sale Offer: £7.69 / RRP: £10.99)

‘The youngest son of a miller despairs when he is left a cat by his father. But this is no ordinary cat… it’s Puss in Boots! A very crafty kitty, who will carry his master from rags to riches.’

This picture is an enchanting retelling of the classic Charles Perrault fairy tale. Written by Charles Perrault and Gwen Keraval.

Product Details: Hardback, 24 pages, 260 x 265mm. BUY HERE!

We hope that you have found this Christmas wishlist helpful, let us know via our Twitter or Instagram if you end up picking one of these up for Christmas!