Little Bear Blog Tour Roundup!

littl bear blog tour


Little Bear had a wonderful time touring the bloggersphere last week in celebration of the new book, Little Bear and the Silver Star!

Missed the tour? Don’t worry – we’ve collected them all below!

Day 1: Storysnug and the Story of Old Bear’s Friends

This story has the perfect amount of Christmas magic

In Storysnug’s blog, Jane also tells us the story of Old Bear’s friends and what inspired the characters.

Read the blog here.


Day 2: Picture Book Perfect and drawing Little Bear

Jane’s illustrations are as beautiful as ever.'

For Picture Book Perfect, Jane explains how she goes about illustrating Little Bear in a guest post.

Read the blog here.



Day 3: The Book Whisperer and a short Q&A

With themes of friendship and kindness woven through it's a perfect bedtime story for Christmas Eve

Read the Book Whisperer’s blog for a short Q&A with Jane!

Read the blog here.



Day 4: Get Kids into Books and Jane’s creative process

‘Little Bear and the Silver Star is a delightful Christmas picture book that’s full of warmth and charm

In this blog, Jane also tells us about her creative process, from initial ideas to finished book!

Read the blog here.


Day 5: A Little but a Lot and drawing Christmas in June!

'A brand new Christmas-y book that will be PERFECT for the festive season!

For A Little but a lot, Jane tells us what it’s like having your head in Christmas mode in mid-summer!

Read the blog here.

Day 6: Acorn Books and the magic of Christmas

'It’s a story with a very happy ending, as all Christmas stories should have!’

Finally, for Acorn Books’ blog, Jane tells us about her magic memories of Christmas that influenced this book.

Read the blog here.


Thank you to all the bloggers who took part!

Order the book here.