Live from the Crypt: Nonfiction isn’t just for November – it’s for life... and death!

Like many books, Live from the Crypt started off with just two words: What If?

What if famous characters from history were guests on a 21st century TV chat show?

What if ‘Ghosts Reunited’ brought together friends and enemies from the past?

What if we could link live by satellite to people and scenes from long ago?

So, through the wonders of modern technology and a fair dollop of imagination, a series of ten books are on their way. The first four are now here.

Already the nonfiction purists will be snorting, ‘This is utter sacrilege. It can’t be nonfiction!’  

What you call these books is up to you! Nonfiction is, of course, a broad church and often a misleading term in itself. It covers a multitude of styles and genres to help us connect with the ‘real stuff’ of events, people, information, dates and yes, facts. Even if dressed in fantasy and humour, surely something of ‘the truth’ can shine through.

So, through interviews, panel games, quizzes, graveside banter and even commercial breaks, the movers and shakers from the past are brought to life for our amusement and edification. These books are designed to be read alone or in groups, or even performed and recorded. Or just enjoy the stylish comic strips sprinkled with details from historical records.  Whether that’s nonfiction, you decide. We simply call it Live from the Crypt, and trust everyone learns something as the ghosts come out to tell their stories – live on air.

How can ghosts refuse the invitation to talk on camera and put the record straight?

What if the TV floor-manager, tea boy, technicians, make-up team, reporters, presenters and director are all waiting nervously for a ‘live encounter with the dead’?

What if we switch on at home for the TV show they said could never be done: ‘Live from the Crypt’?  

Sit back and dare to be stunned…

Stand-by for lights, cameras, music — ACTION…

The titles in the Live from the Crypt series are available here, as well as on Amazon and in all good book shops.