Non-Fiction November and the Wonders of Nature!


The theme of National Non-Fiction November this year is 'the world around us', and now more than ever seems a crucial time to reignite children's interest in the marvels of the natural world that surrounds them. As this article by celebrated author Robert Macfarlane discusses, children in the modern world can feel disconnected from nature, and might be more familiar with the names of Pokemon characters than they are with the species of wildlife in their own back gardens!

Non-fiction books are perfectly suited to redressing this balance and instilling an excitement for flora and fauna in young minds. For those children who live far away from wild spaces, in the centre of a city or big town, a vivid and engaging book on nature can help them experience these places and their eco-systems imaginatively. And when children do have the opportunity to explore natural environments, an accessible guide to the treasures contained within it can augment and open up their responses, teaching them to recognise different species and be receptive to the untold surprises any wild space can harbour.

As we know all too well, the natural world is under threat from many directions in the modern world. A principal cause of this is that humans have taken nature for granted and failed to fully appreciate both how important it is for our continuing well-being and how valuable it is in its own right. Wonderful non-fiction books for children can help create a paradigm shift in the minds of the next generation, ensuring that today's children grow up to appreciate the world more fully and conscientiously than previous ones.

At Salariya, we strongly believe in the value of such engaging non-fiction books about nature for young people and have been creating work in this vein ever since the company's foundation. Fast Forward Rainforest won a Times Educational Supplement book award and other innovative past series include the New Views series, taking an in-depth look at the different layers and organisms in rainforests and oceans, and X-Ray Animals, which looked at the inner workings of different species. Some of our recent titles in this vein include Amazing Animal Friendships, a charming and colourful introduction to the strange symbiotic relationships between different animal species, and Life-Sized Animal Tracks, a guide to the tracks and vital statistics of diverse animal species across the globe, featuring to-scale representations of each animal's footprint.

Nature should be celebrated and so should non-fiction books which teach us about our world. This November, we have the chance to celebrate both!