Summertime and the living is cheesy

Two more Truly Foul & Cheesy Facts & Jokes books are out this summer. Hold on – before all those snorts, sniffs and sneers descend from some quarters about ‘the dumbing down of non-fiction’, just bear with us. Such books are never intended to replace ‘meaty and serious’ factual books but unashamedly provide teasing tasters for those who have yet to develop an appetite for more solid three-course fare. Don’t light-bites make the tastiest of appetisers?

Information books packed with bite-sized facts and fun cartoons have long been tried and tested ways of engaging children with subjects outside their normal areas of interest. ‘Laugh and learn, giggle and groan’ are the shameless intentions of this series, now with over 20 diverse titles. That said, there is plenty of solid nutrition here beneath the jokey sprinkles, limericks and revolting snippets. If children who don’t normally dip into factual books are happy to read a Foul & Cheesy, our mission is cheerfully accomplished.

With the forthcoming 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2, this already over-egged food analogy is worth cooking to the limits. Here’s the introduction to this new book:

Another World War 2 book? Surely there’s nothing new to discover about those dreadful years from 1939 to 1945.  Yes and No. You’re about to meet some familiar facts but also plenty of extras – so brace yourself for a frenzy of fresh ingredients. Think of this book as a steaming pizza straight from the oven; the base you may have tasted before, but the topping is a bubbling concoction of new flavours (with plenty of cheesy sizzles). There are crispy bits, soggy bits and juicy, tingly, spicy bits. But look out for the yucky bits, too.

Not hungry? Why not come in for a quick sniff? In fact, some people may be a bit sniffy about anything with jokes about such a serious subject as war. But this isn’t really a joke book and it doesn’t try to poke fun at disastrous events or the suffering of millions of people in the past. It’s a glimpse into what it was like for some children growing up in often terrible times. The people interviewed for this book (now in their 80s and 90s) all told of humorous times, too. Among their heartaches, there were also smiles. The 1940s had many lighter moments and we can snigger at some today, while still having respect. Even so, the fouler, cheesier bits coming up are enough to make you cringe. Brace yourself – you have been warned…

Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday hasn’t gone ‘un-cheesied’, either:

With this summer’s Reading Challenge being ‘Space Chase’, little could be spacier and cheesier than this:

With the world already gearing up to next year’s ‘Mayflower 400’ celebrations, what better way to entertain the kids on the flight to Florida or sitting on the beach staring out to sea than

Happy and delicious summer reading wherever you happen to be.

Cheesy toppings available here at all times.