Top 5 Halloween books

In time for Halloween, here's a list of our top 5 Halloween-themed books, all available for purchase on our website:

Eek! Yikes! Boo! Halloween!

Halloween-themed book pack that young readers will love to unbox and explore. Each of the three mini-books in the decorated box contains brightly-coloured, comical artwork and very simple text that will mesmerise young children and stimulate their early literacy development.

Decorated box containing 3 themed 12-leaf books
Booklets feature humorous artwork and simple text for pre-schoolers
Halloween box features fluorescent ink

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Shivers Ghost Stories

The ten spooky, creepy, funny, and slightly gruesome tales in this series will enthrall and excite young readers, introducing a new generation of children to the conventions of short stories and the pleasures of reading.

There are cursed skulls, creepy clowns and haunted hostels, and each story is decorated with atmospheric, lino-cut-style illustrations. A book to be read round the campfire or under the blanket with a torch!

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Who's That Hiding In The Dark?

This humorous and interactive lift-the-flap book tells the rhyming story of the creepy denizens and spooky goings-on inside a haunted house. Children can lift the flaps to discover new text and hidden images, as if they are exploring the world in which the story unfolds. This lift-the-flap narrative is an ideal way for young children to practise their literacy and hand-eye coordination skills.

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The Curse of the Speckled Monster Volumes One and Two

Cephas Catchpole is a young orphan in 19th century England, apprenticed as a chimney sweep to a cruel master. When he is mistaken for dead after an accidental fall and buried alive, he is rescued from his fate by two unwitting bodysnatchers. Against his will, Cephas finds himself drawn into the criminals’ shady underworld and begins to uncover a murderous conspiracy involving medical malpractice, his mysterious parentage and the dreaded speckled monster itself – smallpox.

This is a gripping and atmospheric Dickensian tale in two volumes for young readers, filled with suspense, humour and more twists than a hangman’s noose.

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The Lonely Little Ghost

This delightful story from acclaimed author-illustrator Benedicte Guettier follows an invisible, lonely ghost who decides to start wearing a sheet so that he will be noticed by others. This begins a disastrous series of attempts at seeking companionship. This is a heartwarming and funny tale about how one can find friendship and acceptance in the most unexpected of places.

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And a bonus book:

Enter ...if you dare! This spooky haunted house has bats and monsters and a mad doctor who carries out creepy experiments. With more than 250 stickers, children can make every room even scarier by adding bugs, ghosts, witches, worms, and skeletons. The finale, for those brave enough, features a treasure hunt for kids to find things they may have overlooked at first glance.

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