Work experience at Salariya - what it's like

If you're at school or university and wondering whether publishing might be the industry you'd like to work in, getting a work experience placement is a great way of finding out whether it's for you and building up your CV at the same time. We asked our recent intern for his thoughts on working at Salariya:

'When looking for work experience, I really wanted to be able to spend some time at a well-known and renowned publisher that would offer a wide range of insights into the industry - with Salariya I wasn’t disappointed. The best part of the internship has been the breadth of tasks I was able to complete and the number of skills I have developed in doing so.

The majority of my time has been spent on the design and editing of several children’s history books that are being revised for new editions. This really put my attention to detail and time management to the test and because of that it was a really rewarding experience. Plus, you don’t get to learn interesting things about Ancient Egypt, the Suffragettes, and the history of golf at most work experience placements. Picking up these little tidbits while proof-reading and editing books was one of the most enjoyable (and unexpected) parts of my two weeks with Salariya.

Much of the work I did was on Adobe InDesign, which I was unfamiliar with before I started. However, I now feel much more confident with it and I’m really happy with the work I have done on it. I know that it is a very common programme used within this industry, as well as many others, so learning how it works, and becoming much more proficient at it, was invaluable.

My favourite part of the two weeks has actually been reading through the “Submissions” email folder. I loved being able to read through some amazing stories and look at beautiful art work as part of my work experience. This was also probably the best insight I got into how the industry works, because I learnt about what companies look for when reading a submission. There are so many to get through and by the end of my time with the company, I felt much more capable of figuring out what does and doesn’t work for a certain audience. Again, this is an extremely important skill within publishing but also in many different fields.

I’m really happy with my experience at Salariya as it’s prepared me for finding a job in the publishing industry. Everyone was lovely, welcomed me into the office and encouraged me to take on big challenges and learn new skills. I’m very grateful for that and am looking forward to putting all of that experience to good use in my next venture.'

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