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by Jeannie Brown

Christmas, it is finally coming around the corner and here at The Salariya Book Publishing Company we were very fortunate to travel to the North Pole to interview Santa Claus himself. We were anxious to find out some tips on how children can make the nice list.

When my plane landed at the entrance of Santa’s house near the North pole I heard a cough at my feet. There stood a shivering little elf. He was 3ft in height and dressed in a very smart green uniform, white and green striped stockings and pointed red hat with a fluffy white tassel on the end. I followed him up to a marvellous set of golden gates which had two statues of reindeers on either side of them on ginormous plinths. Once inside we walked towards Santa’s house, the sides of the house are made entirely out of wooden logs stacked horizontally and then there is a thatched roof covered in snow. Behind his house there are hundreds of evergreen trees decorated in red and white baubles and fairy lights. In the sky you can see shimmering zigzags of green lights chasing sparks of purple and blue beams… ‘they’re the Northern lights’ the elf informed me, the scenery was nothing short of magnificent. 

I could hear Santa Claus’ booming laugh before the door was even opened. Inside his home there is every sort of toy you could possibly imagine. Yo-yos, scooters, skateboards with shiny wheels, doll’s houses that reach the ceiling, teddy bears lined up row upon row, whistles, binoculars, real life bunny rabbits and books…hundreds upon hundreds of books. ‘Wow,’ I said but it came out more of a whisper of awe. 

“Ah!” Santa said, gesturing for me to sit down on a chair made entirely out of marshmallows, it was a little sticky and all-encompassing like a Venus flytrap when sat on just in case you are wondering.

“You’re from the Salariya Book Publishing Company?” Santa asked, handing me a fistful of jelly beans whilst snapping off a piece of candy cane, as if it were really a carrot, for himself. I nodded, he pointed to a shelf full of books above my head, ‘Yes, the Salariya A Very Peculiar History book series is up there, my favourite is the one about dogs…or castles…I do love a castle,” he said, taking a bite out something which looked like an apple but was clearly made out of Victoria sponge on the inside. 

He is also a big fan of our Live from the Crypt series because of all the scripts in the book, his elves and their brothers and sisters like to each play a character in the book and re-enact little dramas for him when they’re not making toys. 

After Santa had swallowed a mouthful of chocolate eclairs, washed down with some hot chocolate and then brushed his teeth with a lolly pop I was finally able to ask him exactly HOW to make the nice list. Here were his main tips:

Be nice:


Once I jotted down all these tips Santa ushered me outside to meet his reindeer. Rudolph is somewhat of a celebrity and was perched in a jacuzzi with sunglasses on sipping a Piña colada, he held up his hoof as I walked past.

“Erm he says ‘no pictures’ today,” Santa said and although he laughed, jiggling his belly like a bowl full of jelly he seemed a little embarrassed and I sensed there might be some type of tension between them. A prodigy who has let fame and adoration tilt their perspective of the real world perhaps? Who knows. Rudolph did however let me pat his nose; it is indeed as bright red as they say.

All in all I had a fantastic time meeting Santa, his elves and his reindeer. Christmas can’t come soon enough. Please remember to be nice to make it onto the nice list!

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