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Are you looking for a children’s pirate book? Well…you argggg in luck! Come and take a peek at our new edition to the Live from the Crypt series and read some extracts of our other books about pirates!

by Jeannie Brown

Are you looking for a children’s pirate book? Well…you argggg in luck! Come and take a peek at our new edition to the Live from the Crypt series and read some extracts of our other books about pirates!

We are excited to announce that we have a new edition to our Live from the Crypt series, it’s a fantastically fun children’s pirate book entitled: Live from the Crypt – Interviews with the Ghosts of Pirates. It was written by John Townsend and illustrated by Rory Walker. Perfect for ages 7+.

This is a hilarious information series with an undead chat show format where ghostly historical figures are interviewed by the crew of the show about their lives and experiences, featuring quirky illustrations, comic strips and play script-style text. Your children will have great fun acting out the characters and performing the lines from this book!

Take an exclusive sneak peek of the new book here:

You Wouldn’t Want To Be A Pirate’s Prisoner!

Get ready…as the captain of a Spanish treasure ship sailing in the Spanish Main, you’re about to get captured as a pirate’s prisoner! Pirates have many ingenious tortures, and once they have got what they want from you, the best you can hope for is to be marooned on an island. This title in the popular You Wouldn’t Want to Be series features full-colour illustrations which combine humour and accurate technical detail. This extended edition features brand new extra content including a timeline, fun facts a list of ‘top’ characters and a map.

Written by John Malam
Illustrated by David Antram  

Age: 7+

Truly Foul & Cheesy Pirates Facts and Jokes Book

This hilarious, fact-packed information book will have young readers laughing as they’re learning. Quirky illustrations and bite-sized text provide an accessible and entertaining introduction to piracy through the ages, including notorious buccaneers, gruesome pirate punishments, buried treasure and shipwrecks. Random fact: ‘Pirates actually wore eye patches so that one eye was constantly adjusted to seeing in the dark, which meant they were immediately ready to fight below deck as soon as they boarded an enemy ship. So despite what some may think, most pirates still had both their eyeballs!’

Written by John Townsend
Illustrated by David Antram

Age: 7+

Boredom Buster Puzzle Activity Book of Pirates

This hugely entertaining, irreverent and informative activity book will provide hours of fun. Themed around the history of piracy and notorious buccaneers like Blackbeard, it contains 32 pages of bite-sized information on the subject, dozens of puzzles and quizzes, including mazes, word searches and join-the-dot pictures, and hilarious jokes, as well as quirky and humorous black and white illustrations. There’s also a brain-busting quiz that’s perfect for testing knowledge after a visit to a museum or as an addition to a child’s homework. The book is written in a typeface that is accessible for readers with visual impairments and visual processing issues. It’s the perfect anti-boredom antidote for long journeys!

Illustrated by David Antram

Age: 7+

Pirate – Sticker Book

Decorate each colourful nautical scene with stickers from the 8 pages of over 250 fantastic designs. Stick pirates on the harbour scene, add cannons to the battle at sea and stick dolphins in the sea while the ships sail at night and much, much more. Each page features things to look for, find and count, along with questions to stimulate young minds. Plus a treasure hunt activity so children can go back and spot things they might have not have noticed before.

Written by Margot Channing
Illustrated by Ela Smietanka

Age: 0+

Shivers: Pirate Stories

The ten swashbuckling tales in this series will enthrall and excite young readers, introducing a new generation of children to the conventions of short stories, plays and poetry and the pleasures of reading. There are pirate kidnappers, buried treasure and ghostly ships, and each story is decorated with atmospheric, lino-cut-style illustrations. A book to be read round the campfire or under the blanket with a torch!

Written by John Townsend
Illustrated by Isobel Lundie

Age: 9+

The Long Lost Secret Diary Of The World’s Worst Pirate

Meet Thomas – a boy sailing with his parents aboard a merchant ship in the 18th century and prone to daydreaming about living an exciting life as a pirate on the high seas. When the ship is boarded by a pirate crew led by Captain Bartholomew Morgan, Thomas stows away and is accepted into their motley gang. However, life as a pirate proves far less romantic than he was expecting…The hilarious Long Lost Secret Diary series put us inside the heads of hapless figures from history struggling to carry out their roles and getting things horribly wrong. The accessible, irreverent stories will keep young readers laughing as they learn the importance of not being afraid to learn from one’s mistakes. Get Real! fact boxes, a timeline and glossary provide context and additional information about the historical period covered by the story. KS2 E

Written by Tim Collins
Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Age: 7-9

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