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Our Christmas books!

by Jeannie Brown

Our Christmas books!

Christmas time, it’s too dark and cold to be galivanting outside so of course you’re basically FORCED to stay in with blankets, eat chocolate and curl up with a book. Here at The Salariya Book Publishing Company we can’t provide you with the blankets or chocolate…I’m sorry I wish we could, I made a detailed PowerPoint presentation in the team meeting about why this could be a good business idea but nobody takes me seriously after my previous suggestion which involved helping children learn how to read whilst snorkelling. However, we can provide you with some fantastic Christmas themed books for a range of ages. 

Billy and the Balloons

Age 0-5

Written by Elizabeth Dale

Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan

About the book: ‘And when everyone saw that only tiny Billy Was holding the balloons, they were really scared SILLY! “Hold Tight, Billy!” his worried daddy cried. So Billy held tight and had a magic ride.’ Billy is a young boy who finds himself floating away through the clouds when he holds a bunch of balloons. Different characters, human and animal, scramble to save Billy, but soon find themselves along for the ride. Will Billy be able to return to Earth and will he be able to use the balloons to help Santa Claus and his tired reindeer to deliver their presents on Christmas Eve? Billy and the Balloons is a festive treat with serious re-readability that children and adults can enjoy together.

Review of the book: The ‘What’s Good To Read’ website states: ‘Billy and the Balloons is a magical festive adventure that will entertain and delight the reader and get the children ready for the festive season.’

The Christmas Chronicles

Age: 5-7

Written by John Townsend
Illustrated by James Newman Gray

24 magical Christmas stories set in the snowy North Pole as Santa prepares to deliver presents around the world on Christmas Eve. Open each door in turn on the beautiful advent calendar-style cover to find the page number that will lead you to the next story in the series. Featuring a cast of memorable characters, including Mr and Mrs Santa, elves, reindeer and polar bears, and filled with humorous and breath-taking adventures. Ho-ho-happy reading!

Review: One of our online reviews about this book from D Campbell states: ‘Beautifully told Christmas Santa and elves story – along with a snow mobile riding Mrs Carol Claus – the stories come with the idea that one a night is read leading up to Christmas Eve. The illustrations create a great feeling of Santa and the elves working away in a version of how people work now – elves using computers – although they still have letters from children arriving by post. Looking forward to reading this to the children during December.’

Little Bear’s Christmas Fun Book

Age 5-7

Written by Jane Hissey

About the book: This Christmas-themed activity book from acclaimed, BAFTA-award-winning author-illustrator Jane Hissey features the beloved characters from the Old Bear series and a host of fun and stimulating activities for young readers to complete. Join Little Bear and all his friends for lots of fun Christmas activities, including: • Making festive party decorations • Cooking delicious cheesy biscuits • Creating your own little Christmas tree • Finding lost hats and presents • Counting party food • Using stickers to build your own snowman, complete a jigsaw, decorate a jewelled crown and much more! The perfect gift to keep children entertained during the Christmas season.

If you love this book then you are in luck because there is a whole series of Old Bear Books that you can purchase from us, such as: ‘Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories’, ‘Happy Birthday, Old Bear’ and ‘Jolly Snow.’

Review: A review from one of our readers, Lucinda E, who gave the series a five star rating stated: ‘I have to admit to shedding a tear or two when the most beautiful special collector’s limited edition copy of Old Bear came through the letterbox, which brought back so many memories and nostalgia as I gazed upon the golden cover.’

Truly Foul & Cheesy Christmas Facts and Jokes book

Age 7-9

Written by John Townsend

Illustrated by David Antram 

About the book: This hilarious, fact-packed information book will have young readers laughing as they’re learning. Quirky illustrations and bite-sized text provide an accessible and entertaining introduction to Christmas, including why sprouts make us fart, the name for a phobia of Santa Claus, and the disgusting original recipe for mince pies.

If you love this book then you’re in luck because we have a whole series of Truly Foul & Cheesy books about different subjects such as: Dinosaurs, Shakespeare, Space, Tudors, Animals, Science to name but a few! 

Review: One of our online reviews by D Campbell states: ‘Designed to be read in small chunks or chapters interspersed with great illustrations this has been a really enjoyable read for my nine year old son. These books would be suitable for a wide age range – including adults as they are very informative and very funny and tap into what children are looking for in a book.’

Christmas, A Very Peculiar History – A Very Peculiar History

Age 12+

Written by Fiona MacDonald 

About the book: Just when you thought it was safe to take a sneak peek into your stocking, it’s ‘Christmas: A Very Peculiar History’. Taking an unbiased view of the myth and mystery surrounding the origins of the yuletide season, “Christmas: A Very Peculiar History” introduces mindbending facts about the holiday season and shatters the myths surrounding some of Christmas’ most treasured and well-known facets: When exactly was Jesus born? Why is Santa’s outfit red and white? Where do we get Christmas trees from? What’s the snow in a snowglobe made of? What’s Boxing Day all about? “Christmas: A Very Peculiar History” takes a sideways look at bizarre yuletide customs and stories from around the world, such as Santa’s evil sidekick, the terrifying Krampus, and the Scandinavian celebration of Saint Lucy. So leave the mince pies on the mantlepiece if you’ve been good and block up your chimneys if you’ve been bad, because “Christmas: A Very Peculiar History” is here.

If you enjoyed this book then we have a whole series of A Very Peculiar History books for you to read, the subjects include: Cats, Dogs, Churchill, Cricket, Gardening, Scotland, Brighton and many, many more!  

Review: Ms. J Capstick gave this book a five star rating and stated: ‘It is a lovely Christmas book which I gave as a Christmas present and bought another for myself lots of interesting facts about Christmas.’

How To Draw Christmas

Written by Mark Bergin

About the book: The How To Draw series takes a highly visual and practical approach to drawing, featuring step-by-step instructions for each art project. This comprehensive drawing handbook covers all aspects of drawing Christmas – from Santa Claus and his reindeer to wreaths and mistletoe – including essential concepts such as light, tone and composition. Duotone lines highlight each step.

If you want more things to draw we have a whole series of ‘How To Draw’ books on other subjects such as: Manga, pets, birds, cartoons, still life and caricatures to name a few!

Review: Mark E stated in his review of the book: ‘I really wanted to draw but I had trouble finding the right book to guide me. That was until I bought this. It looks like this book is for kids (I’m 25) but I believe it works for anyone as basic information makes a good start. Definitely recommend.’

Printed and Ebooks

Do you like the sound of all of these? We have lots of printed books for you to enjoy! If you prefer to use electronic devices to read your books then you’re in luck because all of our books are also available online as Ebooks. 

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