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The Christmas Chronicles

The pandemic has a lot to answer for – not least The Christmas Chronicles, which evolved from the foggy numbness of lockdowns. We are pleased to report the book is now out there and in fine fettle at last. After hold-ups galore due to ‘covid-related issues’ and distribution nightmares, we are thrilled to see this fine-looking volume finally emerge to bring a spot of much-needed Christmas cheer.

As a book of 24 short stories (one a night through December) set in Santa’s North Pole wonderland, it came about after its predecessor (4 board books) suffered a covid end while stuck at the printers in China. Publication was due by last Christmas so, missing that crucial window, we missed the boat – literally. So came the suggestion: how about a standalone book full of opening windows on the cover like an advent calendar and packed with original stories and jingles using the previous illustrations?

Lo and behold, The Christmas Chronicles was born. It ends triumphantly on Christmas Eve – that magical night of the year when no child can get to sleep, as every one of them is probably trying to work out the logistics of Santa’s round-the-world air miles and worrying about a world shortage of Santa-size chimneys and the risk of deafening intrusion alarms seriously traumatising carrot-fuelled reindeer.

Poor Santa has a tough time in the lead-up to Christmas. Things keep going wrong but somehow his wife (Carol, of course) is a dab hand at solving all sorts. Letters and texts from his grumpy sister don’t help. Maud Claus has no idea what Santa does for a living and insists on coming to stay at the busiest time of year. The threat is always there but never actually materialises – not unlike a dodgy bulb on the tree in danger of blacking out the entire neighbourhood any minute.

Hey-ho (spoiler alert!) even Maud Claus has a jolly Christmas in the end. And what’s more, Santa, Carol and Maud, together with dog Sparkle, cat Tinsel and umpteen merry elves are all set to return NEXT Christmas in The Chronic Christmas Crinkle Crisis, when drastic measures are needed to save Christmas from disaster. By then we can only hope that covid will finally realise it can’t defeat Salariya’s determination to create original children’s Christmas books, especially with a flutter of windows to open… onto an ever-hopeful festive world. One of those big festive hopes is that all enjoy the winter wonderland adventures of The Christmas Chronicles… and a very Happy Christmas to all our readers!

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