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We have an exclusive sneak peek of TWO of our upcoming books about Egyptian myths by the fantastic Fiona MacDonald – take a look!

by Jeannie Brown

We are delighted to announce that Fiona MacDonald has written two new books about Egyptian myths! The books are illustrated by the brilliant Alida Massari. These spellbinding books feature some of the most memorable and exciting stories from Egyptian mythology, retold in a picture book format for younger readers. Captivating illustrations and simple, easy-to-follow text bring the stories vividly to life. Volume one includes the tales of how the god of the sun, Ra, restored peace to Egypt, the Egyptian creation myth, the fable of the lion and the mouse, and the love story of the gods of the sky and earth, Nut and Geb. Stories for sharing! Volume two includes the stories of how the god Osiris was destroyed by the wicked god Set and brought back to life by his loving wife Isis, a sailor’s adventures on a magical island ruled by a giant snake, and a pharaoh’s encounter with a powerful magician.

You can pre-order Volume One: here.

You can pre-order Volume Two: here.

Volume one sneak peek:

Volume two sneak peek:

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