Colour By Numbers: Monster Mayhem

Isobel Lundie


Children will have a scarily good time completing the colour-by-numbers puzzles in this Monster Mayhem book! Each picture puzzle contains numbers that correspond to a colour that can be found on the inside of the jacket sleeve. Children use this colour guide to select a pencil or pen and fill in the segments until they find an amazing picture of a monster emerging before them. What’s more, each spread features humorous, hair-raising text about the monsters and challenges the reader to spot specific details and creatures.

About the Author

Isobel Lundie graduated from Kingston university in 2015 where she studied Illustration and Animation. She has always been interested in how to make books interactive so children can lose themselves in the narrative . Having worked as an illustrator, she is particularly interested in how exciting, colourful and distinctive artwork can transform stories for children.

Product information

Pages: 40
Size: 200mm x 200mm