England: A Very Peculiar History - Volume 1

David Arscott


Readers can discover all about the peculiar history of England from ancient times to Agincourt with volume I of this three-part series. The unfolding story will tell of early hunter-gatherers and the first farmers; of Roman occupation eventually giving way to the often brutal land-hungry Anglo-Saxons; of Viking incursions and the 1066 Conquest by their cousins, the Normans; and of later incomers from all parts of the globe.

About the Author

A former newspaper journalist and BBC producer/presenter, David Arscott has for some years worked as a freelance author, broadcaster, publisher and editor. He has written some 30 books on Sussex, and is the founder of The Sussex Book Club.

Product information

Type: Hardback
Pages: 192
Size: 152mm x 101mm