Glasgow, A Very Peculiar History

Fiona MacDonald

Glasgow, A Very Peculiar HIstory

Glasgow, A Very Peculiar History explores the archaeological, social and cultural history of the eponymous city, from the earliest Pict settlers 10,000 years ago through its emergence as a nineteenth-century powerhouse of industry and struggles with poverty, unemployment and disaffection to its present-day incarnation as a hub of cutting-edge digital and start-up businesses.

Featuring black and white illustrations, witty anecdotes, incredible information, a timeline and glossary, readers of all ages will be entertained and educated.

About the Author

Fiona Macdonald studied history at Cambridge University and at the University of East Anglia. She has taught in adult education and in schools and universities, and is the author of numerous books for children on historical topics.

Product information

Type: Hardback
Pages: 192
Size: 152 x 101 mm