London: A Very Peculiar History

Jim Pipe

London, A Very Peculiar History

Charting the quirky past of one of the most important cities in the world, London: A Very Peculiar History will challenge what you thought you knew and blow your mind with things you most certainly didn't. From Roman roads to the congestion charge, this title takes a whistlestop tour of iconic London landmarks and eras, whilst poking its head round the corner of a back alley to see what's really been going on behind the scenes. Alongside the Top Ten Tourist Attractions you'll find curious recipes for cockney food (such as jellied 'iwz'), descriptions of London's 'lost buildings', and lists of royal residences, famous markets and classic film scenes featuring London landmarks. Featuring humourous cartoon-style illustrations and amusing captions and speech bubbles, "London: A Very Peculiar History" tells the untold tale of Britain's greatest tourist attraction, busiest commercial district and home to the Royals.

About the Author

Jim Pipe studied Ancient and Modern History at Oxford University and spent 10 years in publishing before becoming a full-time writer. He has written numerous non-fiction books for children, many on historical subjects. He lives in Dublin with his wife.

Product information

Type: Hardback
Pages: 192
Size: 152mm x 101mm