Your Guide To A New Life in Ancient Rome

David Stewart

Your Guide To A New Life In Ancient Rome

This ‘tourist guide’ to life in ancient Rome will give young readers the low-down on how to survive a brush with this civilisation’s cuisine, rulers, gladiators, gods, soldiers and much else besides!

Each spread covers a different aspect of the historical period and has multiple entry points, using bite-sized paragraphs of text, quirky illustrations, side panels and timelines to bring history to life.

About the Illustrator

Isobel Lundie graduated from Kingston university in 2015 where she studied Illustration and Animation. She has always been interested in how to make books interactive so children can lose themselves in the narrative . Having worked as an illustrator, she is particularly interested in how exciting, colourful and distinctive artwork can transform stories for children.

About the Author

David Stewart has been creating, writing, and designing books for children of all ages for 25 years.

Product information

Type: Hardback
Pages: 80
Size: 282 x 219 mm