Castles – A Very Peculiar History

Written by Jacqueline Morley

Age: 12+


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Whether you’re planning your first seige, building a fortress or just looking for a way to escape the peasants below, “Castles: A Very Peculiar History” is full of tips, tricks and horror stories from the castle-building trade. We can’t all match up to the combined beauty and danger of the Tower of London, but in this title you’ll learn who developed the world’s first flat-pack castle, the difference between donjeons and dungeons (it’s important, trust us) and even the best time of year for a siege. Discover how a fortress was brought down by forty pigs and even how to use a common plant to defect lightning! Gasp in horrible glee at the many horrid substances poured onto beseigers through those dastardly trebuchets (there are things worse than boiling hot oil!). From the keep to the bailey, “Castles: A Very Peculiar History” is all you need to learn how to build, manage and defend a mighty fortress.

Dimensions 101 × 152 cm
Author Jacqueline Morley








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