Christmas, A Very Peculiar History – A Very Peculiar History

Written by Fiona MacDonald

Age: 12+


Just when you thought it was safe to take a sneak peek into your stocking, it’s ‘Christmas: A Very Peculiar History’. Taking an unbiased view of the myth and mystery surrounding the origins of the yuletide season, "Christmas: A Very Peculiar History" introduces mindbending facts about the holiday season and shatters the myths surrounding some of Christmas’ most treasured and well-known facets: When exactly was Jesus born? Why is Santa’s outfit red and white? Where do we get Christmas trees from? What’s the snow in a snowglobe made of? What’s Boxing Day all about? "Christmas: A Very Peculiar History" takes a sideways look at bizarre yuletide customs and stories from around the world, such as Santa’s evil sidekick, the terrifying Krampus, and the Scandinavian celebration of Saint Lucy. So leave the mince pies on the mantlepiece if you’ve been good and block up your chimneys if you’ve been bad, because "Christmas: A Very Peculiar History" is here.

Dimensions 101 × 152 cm









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