How Would You Survive As A Killer Whale?

Written by David Stewart
Illustrated by David Antram

Age: 7-9


How Would You Survive As A…? is a brand new nature strand in the globally bestselling You Wouldn’t Want To… brand, looking at the struggles for survival of different animal species. Each volume follows a first-person narrative approach, telling the story of an example of the species as they deal with finding food, reproducing, raising their young, exploring their territory and fighting for dominance. The mix of humorous illustrations, bite-sized text, fact panels and diagrams provides multiple entry points for reluctant readers, presenting the information in a fun and accessible manner. How Would You Survive As A Killer Whale? explores the challenges faced by an orca as it hunts for food, socialises with its pod and raises its child. The endmatter contains real life stories of killer whales in captivity, highlighting conservation issues surrounding the species, illustrated with photographs to underscore that they’re non-fiction and drawn from the real world, plus family trees of related species, a quiz and statistics.

Dimensions 212 × 240 cm
Author David Stewart









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