Oh No! Look What The Cat Dragged In

Written by Joy H Davidson
Illustrated by Jenny Cooper

Age: 0-5


‘Grandma’s acting worried, and looking very grim. She never knows each morning, just what the cat’s dragged in!’ In this hilarious, lighthearted new picture book by the 2017 Notable Book award-winning author Joy H. Davidson, a week at Grandma’s house descends into chaos as the cat brings a range of increasingly icky creatures inside every night that have to play dead to avoid being eaten by the hungry feline. Children will love chanting along with the refrain ‘OH NO NO NO! Look what the cat dragged in’ and will delight in Jenny Cooper’s gleefully gory illustrations. And, of course, every reader will be eager to find out how Grandma finally manages to stop that incorrigible cat from getting up to mischief!

Dimensions 265 × 260 cm
Author Joy H Davidson
Illustrator Jenny Cooper







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