Women in Science: Ada Lovelace

Written by Nick Pierce
Illustrated by Isobel Lundie

Age: 7-9


The titles in the new Women in Science series take a highly visual approach to telling the stories of important women scientists. Each title features bite-sized text telling the story of a scientist’s life, groundbreaking work, and legacy in an engaging and accessible way, illustrated with original artwork and photographs. There are multiple entry points, including timelines, maps, and captions. The easy-to-read text and vibrant illustrations will appeal to reluctant readers and introduce them to foundational scientific concepts. Ada Lovelace´s brilliant talent for mathematics and huge imagination helped to pave the way for the invention of the computer software that powers the world around us. Every time you play a computer game or talk with a friend on your smartphone, you can only do so because of the pioneering work by Ada Lovelace. This book tells Ada’s story.

Dimensions 212 × 240 cm
Author Nick Pierce









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