You Wouldn’t Want To Be In The Trenches In World War I!

Written by Alex Woolf
Illustrated by David Antram

Age: 7-9


It’s August 1914. You are 16-year-old Tommy Atkins, living in London. Set against a backdrop of the war just broken out in Europe, find out what your life was like after joining up and being sent to the trenches. From sharing your bed with rats and lice to a diet of bully beef, bread and biscuits, discover why you really wouldn’t want to be a soldier living in a trench during World War One. The expanded edition also includes information about the Commonwealth soldiers from territories like India, Africa, Canada and Australia who fought in the conflict and the story behind the Cenotaph. The humorous cartoon-style illustrations and the narrative approach placing readers at the centre of the narrative history encourage readers to get emotionally involved with the characters, aiding their understanding of what life would have been like serving as a soldier in World War One. Informative captions, a complete glossary and an index make this title an ideal introduction to the conventions of non-fiction texts for young readers.

Dimensions 212 × 240 cm










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