You Wouldn’t Want To Live Without Libraries!

Written by Fiona MacDonald
Illustrated by David Antram

Age: 7-9


For 5,000 years and more, libraries have been gathering and preserving writings of all kinds. They’re keepers of the world’s memory. They’re storehouses of knowledge, and imagination, and fun. Learn about how these places and their collections of written words allow us to check our facts, find important information, share stories, beliefs and ideas, build communities and learn valuable life skills. Specially commissioned cartoon-style illustrations in full colour make these books attractive and accessible even to reluctant readers. Information is conveyed through captions, labels and humorous speech bubbles in addition to the main text. Illustrated sidebars headed ‘How It Works’, ‘Top Tip’ or ‘You Can Do It’ supply more facts, describe simple, safe experiments, or steps that readers can take to help make the world a better place. Each volume includes a timeline and a list of ‘Did You Know?’ facts. Sample fact: ‘Perhaps 80% of ancient writings have been lost. The 20% that have survived were preserved in libraries such as Alexandria, where scribes made copies of important texts.’

Dimensions 212 × 240 cm










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